Financing Sharia Enterprise is operated as a social enterprise (i.e. we’re not-for-profit), by the same people behind North London Credit Union and Financing Start Up Enterprise, who between them have 28 years’ experience of business lending and support in London.

Financing Sharia Enterprise is an investment product we make available to those wishing to start a viable business anywhere in the United Kingdom who wish to use Sharia compliant funding.

Whilst the methods of financing are different the terms to borrowers are very similar to those for our government funded Start Up Loan Programme.

Because of the additional compliance issues associated with Sharia Finance, it may take a little longer to obtain Sharia Finance than it would to get a Start Up Loan.

As one of the original Delivery Partners to be chosen to administer the scheme, we use the credit union’s ethical lending principles to make loan decisions – with real people, not computers!

‘We think that the programme helps to level the playing field – anyone with a workable business idea and the right attitude has the chance to get great finance.’

Peter Lovell, Chief Executive, Financing Enterprise

The programme has been running since November 2012, and in that time we have supported thousands of entrepreneurs. Often we help people who wouldn’t have been able to turn their dreams into reality without it.

We work to and ensure that services are accessible and convenient to you. Advice and support services are free and there are no fees or charges associated with the finance, except the investment costs agreed at the outset.

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What is the Start Up Loan Scheme?

It is a government backed scheme to fund and mentor new entrepreneurs.

With the help of the government and The Start Up Loans Company, we have funds available to help kick-start and support a new generation of business people, by providing:

• Low cost, unsecured finance

• Quality aftercare

• Exclusive business products from our Corporate Partners

Are you eligible?

• You must be over 18 to enter into an agreement, but there is no upper age limit.

• You must be a UK resident or have residency with entitlement to public funds for the duration of your loan, as it’s government money.

• More information on eligibility criteria can be found here.