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Welcome to Financing Sharia Enterprise

We’re here to help you start your own business! Tell us about yourself, and your idea HERE

We are a trusted delivery partner of The Start Up Loans Company. More information about how the scheme started, plus nationwide news and resources can be found on their website.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Helpful

We are always on hand to help applicants with queries, before or after they receive their funds

Fully Sharia Compliant Finance

We are the only Delivery Partner for the Start Up Loans scheme offering Sharia Compliant finance. All of our money comes from Sharia compliant sources directly from Her Majesty’s Treasury and all of the businesses we help are checked for compliance.

We’re a Not-For-Profit Organisation

As a company started by the same people at North London Credit Union, Financing Enterprise has many years of experience in the ethical finance sector and operates as a not-for-profit company.


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